Poem 20 for 2021

Poem 20 for 2021

Poem 20

Everyday is a challenge
To love yourself
And respect yourself
When you feel you might not
Be worthy of the two
I’m here to tell you
You’re worthy
And no one or nothing
Can take that away
If you ever feel like you’re not
Put that thought out of your mind
What you think you become
What you know is what you radiate
So please know: you’re worthy
Life, love, and respect
And if you ever see me
Being too hard on myself
Remind me of the same

20.21 #poem #love #respect #worthy

Poem 19 for 2021

Poem 19 for 2021

Poem 19

The scary part of
Feeling a connection
Is saying it out loud
And driving the person away
The worse
Is never saying it ever and
Feeling the connection change
Because your fear
Did not allow it to grow
Triple worse
Is seeing this person
And knowing an unspoken truth
Sits between you two
10x worse is seeing them
With someone else
Because they got tired of waiting
Or moved on
Or whatever
The worst of worst
Is thinking time
Will take this feeling away
Instead of turning it into
A lifelong regret
That will turn into a chronic ache
That will hurt most when alone

19.2021 #poem #heart #heartbreak #connection #pain #ache #regret #feeling #emotions #relationships

Poem 18 for 2021

Poem 18 for 2021

Poem 18

Working on yourself
Is work that never ends

Unless you’ve surrendered
To the idea
That you can’t be better
How you are now
And this is the best you’ll ever be

Or that the best you
Is behind you
And now you’re just holding on
Hoping a slow decline
Doesn’t snowball into an
Avalanche of self destruction

Or worse of all
That tomorrow
Won’t be better than today

So you go through the motions
Pretending to live
Because you’ve done it long enough
That you can fake it pretty well

If you believe that
There is no more work to do
Then I guess your work is done

But I’m going to
Keep working on myself
Because I’m too young
To wait to die

18.2021 #poem #growth #work #progress

Poem 17 for 2021

Poem 17 for 2021

Poem 17

Must flow through you
When living with your family
All you got is each other
And if you don’t practice
For them
For yourself
It’s going to be hard
Living together

17.20 #poem #family #forgiveness

Poem 16 for 2021

Poem 16 for 2021

Poem 16

In reading
I find answers
To questions
I didn’t even know I had

In exploring someone else’s pain
I understand mine better
In someone’s specific journey
I see my life reflected

The particular
Is the universal
And the universe is
What connects us
And the particulars
Are how we participate
In the universe

We will always find ourselves
In books, television, movies
That’s why it’s important
To share your story

Someone may need to
Feel seen
By looking at you
And finding themselves

16.20 #poem #reading #books #pain #empathy #existence #experience #story #writer

Poem 15 for 2021

Poem 15 for 2021

Poem 15

The hardest empathy
To give
Is to yourself
But you’re the one
Who needs it most

15.2021 #poem #empathy #forgiveness

Poem 14 for 2021

Poem 14 for 2021

Poem 14 for 2021

I’m always giving out a signal
Whether I know it or not
I guess I’m just beaming emotion
Non-stop, 24/7,365

I was at Trader Joe’s
Looking at a hunk of
Pepper Jack Cheese
In the cheese section
And I just locked on it
Like I was trying to open a holycron
And the Pepper Jack Cheese
Became my abyss
And the abyss looked back at me

The Pepper Jack
Took down my defenses
And I was stunned into clarity
My third eye was opening
Truth was coming
I had it in my vision

Then I felt someone looking at me
Oh my God
They caught me in my
Most vulnerability moment
But I caught them
Catching me
They were people watching
And I was watching the people watcher
Watch me

We made eye contact
In an instant
And walked away
I was so caught off guard
I forgot my epiphany
Maybe when I eat the Pepper Jack
It will come back to me

14.2021 #poem #journey #reflection #pepperjack #kafka #abyss #signal #insight #epiphany #peoplewatching #soul

Poem 13 for 2021

Poem 13 for 2021

Poem 13 for 2021

You make promises to yourself
When you’re younger
About who you want to be
What kind of work you want to do
What ideals you want to hold onto
And you get older
And you forget why you do
Certain things
You’re on auto pilot
Inertia keeps you going
You stop and then your lost
And you then have to go back
And think about your promises
Which were from the heart
And which were ego
But hey that’s good
Reflection presages transformation
And that’s what I’m doing right now

13.2021 #poem #promises #growth #development #youth #ideals

Poem 12 for 2021

Poem 12 for 2021

Poem 12 for 2021

You never think of your life
As one grand mission
To escape poverty

But there it is everytime
Your mother makes an
Amazing dinner
You’re going to stretch out
Over two days to save money
And stress about what
To make for dinner the next night

You look at the dinner with
Grateful to have it in front of you
That you didn’t have to struggle
As hard today for it
As in the past

You eat your mother’s meatloaf
And you realize how grateful you are
For her
Her sacrifices
Her journey
And just for how it tastes

If you’re poor and hungry
You’re going to learn how to cook
Or hope your blessed with a
Tío or tía with guiso

What is guiso
It’s the culinary gods
Blessing your hands with flavor
And imbuing your recipes with imagination
It’s the ability to taste it in your head
As you cook the food

If you’re poor
It’s not just about eating to survive
It’s about eating good food
To find some joy in life

They say
Money reveals character
I say
How good your food is
To who you feed it to
Reveals love

1.2021 #poem #food #family #poor #poverty #hunger #familia #gratitude #humility #mission #money #character

Mama’s Meatloaf.
Mama’s rice.

Poem 11 for 2021

Poem 11 for 2021

Poem 11

Living with my family
For this long
Has taught me
A new way to love
And that’s part of growing up
I guess

11.2021 #poem #family #love #growingup #adult #journey